1 on 1 Coaching with Glyn Money.

1 on 1 Program –

The greatest gift you can give to the world is to be EMBODYING the highest idea you have about yourself. To be expressing the FULLNESS of who you are. You didn’t come here to settle for a life that is unfulfilled and empty.  You came here to BE and DECLARE, to DECIDE and ANNOUNCE, to BECOME and to FULFIL who you truly are. through working with me ONE on ONE we will GET clear on what it is your here to GIVE to the world, we will create a blueprint action plan for you to be living in your HIGHEST ALIGNMENT to that vision. This high level mentorship and accountability will change the trajectory of your life, so you can finally fulfil the vision that’s on your heart, calling you forward the most. In order to transform we must do the work. We must apply and push through the limits you have placed on yourself, and as your coach it is my absolute commitment, to call you forward in a way that has you becoming the person you were always destined to be.

What working with me looks like

We become family for 3 months.

  • 1 one hour Skype session - Focused on your VISION, uncovering your strengths and finding edges of growth
  • 11, 45 Minute Transformation Sessions - Accountability, Support, Feedback, Guidance.
  • Recordings, notes, intentional work and recommended materials after each session.
  • Chat and email support as needed.
  • Invite to my events and retreats.
  • My style of coaching is unorthodox and very flexible. I don't believe in a one size fits all. I listen with a full heart, ask questions listen and then what comes through after that is a process that we go through together.

Testimonials –

"Glyn Money is the true gentlemen of this world, a powerful thought leader and influencer of the new age. I’ve had the honour of being supported by Glyn as a transformational coach. He has the ability to really SEE YOU and HEAR you and invite you into a deeper reflection of yourself. The space that is created is a powerful, loving and safe space. The wisdom and intuition that Glyn possesses is his superpower. I’ve had the pleasure to also work alongside him in coaching and it has shaped my coaching into show up more powerfully as person and as a Man."
Sesole Slade
Man Cave Coach
"Glyn embodies every essence of the 4 Archetypes of a true man. King, Warrior, Lover/Joker & Mystic. I had the privileged and honor to be coached by Glyn in ManCave in 2018. He has been through a lot and his utter discipline towards bettering himself, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually is awe inspiring. Glyn taught me so much just by being a reflection, by listening and asking such powerful questions, and calling me up on my bullshit when I needed it the most. Another thing that I love about this man is that he knows how to laugh at himself. He gives other men permission to be silly and lighthearted by him leading this in his own unique way. This is a rare trait in true masculinity today. We are to serious some times and he really helped me break that burden off my shoulders. However, don't let his lightness fool you for weakness. Glyn can be a hard ass when it is needed and call you out in the most loving way that supports your ultimate growth. I couldn't speak more highly of this man. You too will be glad you invested your time in working with this King, Warrior, Lover/Joker & Mystic!"
Mitchell Villani
Heal ThySelf Coach
"After having the experience of being coached by him both online and in person, I can confidently say that he shows up as embodied and in his fullest expression. He doesn't preach an ideal and act an entirely different way behind the curtain. He says that it's easier to live a life in the fullest expression and vibrance of of you, and Glyn does just that. Glyn shows that it's possible to be serious, and fun; to cooperate with and within, yet be bold and stand out. He brought so much joy, light, and play into dark and heavy conversations, topics, and times; and continues to be a beacon of light for hope and change. In one of our online sessions, I was able to achieve a massive breakthrough in my personal life and relationship. This wouldn't have come nearly as smoothly or organically without the space held by Glyn."
Max Karg
Founder Of Retired Teen

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This will not be a cake walk, we will go deep on many levels, and this program is relatively inexpensive but it’s not free.
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